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  • "You're Making a real difference in these kids' lives. High production values and classy result. Brilliant!"—Colin Welford, Former Music Director of Wicked and Hamilton at The Chicago Theater, Former Music Director of West End London, The Who's Tommy, Former Conductor of the English National Ballet, Former Music Supervisor and Associate Music Producer of Broadway World Tour, The Lion King.

  • PSBcreative has changed my life in many ways. When I was in elementary school I started to act and learn musical instruments, which really changed my thinking into what I want to be when I grow up. Every single show has left an unforgettable impact on me, and every single person who has guided me and has talked to me is amazing. This company has changed my life, and I will never forget it. - N.M., student.

  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to have a musical production at the school! Colin thoroughly enjoys being a part of the music programs. As a child with frontal lobe epilepsy, he has suffered some cognitive deficits in concentration, memory, attention and focus. Being a part of a musical production allows him to use this part of his brain in an activity he really enjoys and he is able to improve his memory and concentration. As a mom, to see him on stage, remembering lines, cues, choreography, and to see the focus and concentration on his face - it is just amazing!  Thank you for supporting the arts in school. - A. Edwards, parent.

  • We can't thank you enough for all the blood, sweat, and tears put into this musical program.  I have family members and friends who come to the show and/or hear me talking about it and are so upset that their school does not offer a program like this. We feel so special to have this affordable and available program for our kids. I get very emotional about this program, as I grew up as a dancing, piano-playing, orchestra, and chorus "nerd" and was on stage my entire life until college. I was initially upset when I had boys because I thought I wouldn't get to have my dancer and enjoy the stage mom aspect of life, haha. Although both my boys love sports and being part of a team, I was so surprised last year, specifically when Walker took the chance and told us he wanted to do Shrek. By the end of that show, I stood there, knowing he had found his people. He absolutely THRIVES in the theater environment and truly is the thing that he has become extremely passionate about. Seeing his fun and hard work from last year, Hudson could not wait to be in 3rd grade to be part of the program this year, and man, he surprised the heck out of me! I know he is a social kid, but I truly could not believe his big part in Matilda and how much he enjoyed it. I have to admit, I teared up every time they sang "When I Grow Up"....maybe because Hudson was a lead singer, but just overall...what an amazing production and song. Hudson struggles with speech and does go to speech therapy two times a week and has been known in the past not to read out loud or get frustrated when he can't say something correctly, and I was initially nervous that may hinder his enthusiasm to have a bigger part in the show, but he too thrived in the roll and the program. He is my little sports dude and wants to get into a more competitive baseball league next spring, but he also wants to continue with the musical program. My boys can't wait for the next program, and I'm hoping we may have the opportunity for a summer program again this year. We were unable to attend the camp last summer due to scheduling but we will be part of it if we can. Next year, as it will be Walker's 5th-grade year, I'm sure I'll be even more of a blubbering crying mess at this time when it's all over. Thank you for everything you do for our kiddos.  - J. Henry, parent.

  • The amount of confidence my child has built through experiences with PSB has been priceless. I’m so glad that after trying many sports and different activities, she has found a true love for musical theater. - B. Anderson.

  • Mrs. Stephen, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your dedication to the arts and our students. As you likely know, my daughter has an IEP for mixed expressive, receptive disorder and high-functioning autism. Many people do not understand that though people like my daughter can struggle to express themselves in everyday situations, they often thrive in the arts. Though she often struggles and grasps for the right words or chooses not to speak at all, she walks around our home singing like a songbird, and when she does choose to speak, it may be 45 minutes of an intricate story she's crafted. A brain wired like this desperately needs somewhere that feels like home. The space you've created at our school provides that, and I am so grateful. This is but one reason why the arts are crucial to our schools. Not everyone can express themselves the same way. Not only have your class and this year's musical given her a place to express the unique way her brain is wired, but they have also provided structure and focus to someone who truly needs it. The responsibility she learned, knowing that her fellow cast mates counted on her to be there for them, has truly changed her personality. This is not the same child who began this journey months ago. She is more focused, responsible, confident, and, in a word, mature. Thank you again for your kindness and dedication. With gratitude, K.  Conrey, Wild Women Who Write Podcast, VP of Operations Atlanta Writers Club.

  • It’s always so fun to see the kids performing. They all take great pride in their hard work and have the best time while doing it.  - Parent.

  • Good evening, Mrs. Stephen. We wanted to take a moment to share some of the benefits of your production of Matilda for our daughter, Juliet.  Juliet is the most outgoing, nervous-shy girl you could ever meet.  Watching our daughter walk out on that stage and sing - alone- in front of a packed audience each night was an amazing experience.  Her self-confidence has grown under your direction and through the culture you created with your cast and production.  Watching the entire cast encouraging each other each night was beautiful.  From the beginning, we reminded Juliet that she would need to work on her time management, being in both Cast A and B, and she excelled.  Now, it wasn't all sunshine and roses, but she made the right choice 90% of the time!  Math has always been her nemesis. Before Matilda, she would sit for over an hour agonizing and drawing out her homework until she gave up.  By the end of this production, her math homework would take her no more than 15 minutes, and her homework grades improved dramatically. She also maintained her Irish Step Dancing and Girl Scout commitments with a renewed understanding of how her participation was important to the whole group. The lessons she has learned under your direction have been priceless.  She is anxiously awaiting what you have in store for over the summer and next year, and quite frankly, so are we! This has been a highlight. - C. & M. Woron, parents.

  • I have been in the PSB Creative program since 4th grade. I am now in High School, still doing it, helping, acting, and loving it! It is such a kind community with kind and friendly people. I have made life-long friends through this program and will continue participating in it in the future! - E. Waltz, student.

  • Through the performing arts program under Ms. Stephen’s tutelage, we have uncovered a gift our daughter has that previously would have gone untapped. Our daughter has reaped the rewards and we have been given the joy of watching her blossom into a very confident, creative, and dedicated young actress/singer - and person! I can only assume other families have been given the same gift.  - J. Neubert, parent.

  • As you know, my daughter is quiet and sometimes shy. Teachers often overlook her because she is an “easy” student. Musicals allow her to show another side of herself, where she is confident, beaming, and takes up space. She told me that she loves the attention she gets when she is on stage, which is something I would never have imagined I would hear from her years ago. Her confidence grows with each performance, whether for a chorus or a musical. Her musical abilities have developed into something beautiful as well. I am so grateful our little school believes in programs for the arts! Thank you, Karis, for your energy, talents, and time. - Brittney, parent.

  • Both of my daughters participated in PSBcreative in elementary school, and they absolutely loved it. The comprehensive program allowed them to participate in all facets of large musicals, from costumes to set design to singing and dancing. The staff is wonderful, and Pete Bush is not only the most engaging and charismatic teacher, but no one cares more about students. It is an inclusive and fun environment where students can explore the arts and grow. I cannot recommend this program highly enough. - T. Wickline, parent.

  • I hope you know that the time and effort you put into Nicholson’s performing arts program will not go unnoticed. When I reflect on my elementary school’s “play,” each grade in a paper costume stood on stage singing a song. I truly cannot imagine a better program for elementary-aged kids. What you can pull off in our little space is almost unbelievable. It’s pure magic!  Tyson and I grew up deep in musical theater, and I studied Broadway in college. We always hoped our kids would find joy in it, too. But our daughter's love of musical theater didn’t come from us; it came from her having the opportunity to experience it herself because of you. Since she started performing, she has found a big part of herself. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Looking forward to Newsies this summer! - T. & B. Anderson, parents.

  • We have had the absolute pleasure of watching two of our children experience PSBcreative, and they have loved every minute! Pete is a wonderful educator whose passion for music and theater is absolutely contagious! Our kids have learned so much, and watching them grow their confidence on stage has been a joy. We are so excited about this new opportunity and about experiencing PSBcreative in a whole new way. - M. Bohrer, parent.

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