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PSBcreative Arts Education, rooted in Marietta, Georgia, is dedicated to elevating arts education and enriching community life through many creative avenues.


Our programs inspire and nurture a love for the arts in individuals of all ages by offering a comprehensive range of community-building services, including after-school clubs, camps, lessons, and classes.


With a focus on theater arts as a foundation, we are working to expand our reach and influence by establishing an independent school of the arts, providing a centralized hub for arts education.


This endeavor will foster artistic excellence as expected by our communities and serve as a vibrant cultural center, offering an array of artistic and educational experiences and making the arts more accessible and impactful in metro Atlanta and beyond.

Your generous contribution will make a lasting impact on the lives of aspiring artists and learners in our community. By supporting our arts education programs, you are investing in the cultivation of talent, fostering innovation, and promoting a lifelong love for the arts.


Why Donate to PSBcreative Arts Education?

  1. Empower Creativity: Your donation directly fuels our mission to provide high-quality arts education, unlocking the creative potential of individuals of all ages.

  2. Accessible Learning: Help us make the arts accessible to everyone. Your support enables us to offer scholarships, reduce barriers to entry, and ensure that no one is left behind in their pursuit of artistic excellence.

  3. Community Impact: PSBcreative Arts Education is committed to building a vibrant, connected community. Your contribution supports outreach programs, collaborative projects, and events that bring people together through the arts.

  4. Sustainable Growth: Be a part of something bigger. Your donation will help us expand our reach, move into a central location, enhance this facility, and develop new and innovative programs to meet the evolving needs of our community.

Your tax-deductible donation is an investment in our mission

to strengthen communities through arts education.  

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