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Formed and led by veteran educators and arts professionals, PSBcreative Arts Education, based in Marietta, Georgia, is dedicated to elevating arts education and enriching community life through a myriad of creative avenues.


Our programs inspire and nurture a love for the arts in individuals of all ages by offering a comprehensive range of services, from after-school clubs, camps, and classes to professional design and production services. 


With a focus on theater arts as a foundation, we will soon expand our reach and influence by establishing an independent school of the arts, providing a centralized hub for arts education. This endeavor will foster artistic excellence as expected by our communities and serve as a vibrant cultural center, offering an array of artistic and educational experiences and making the arts more accessible and impactful in Cobb County and beyond.

Your tax-deductible donation is an investment in our mission

to strengthen communities through arts education.  

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